Health & safety

Workplace injury/unsafe jobs

Workers have the right to a healthy and safe workplace. A healthy and safe job site includes the building an employee works in and the materials, machines and physical activities that the worker is required to use as part of the job.

Employers are obligated to teach workers about the hazards and safety procedures that are related to their job. Employers are supposed to help employees in the event of an accident or ongoing safety or health problem. If the employer does not obey these rules, the worker's rights may have been violated.

Workers have a right to refuse unsafe work. The law sets out a specific process for refusing such work. Also the law requires most employers to follow certain rules concerning workplace training, safety equipment, machine maintenance, the availability of safety information, and setting up health and safety committees. Employers must take all reasonable precautions to protect workers.

Federally regulated employers must obey the Canada Labour Code. Certain federal employers must have a "work place health and safety committee" that inspects work sites, organizes health and safety programs, monitors these programs, and hears employee complaints. Provincially regulated employers must obey the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The law also prevents employers from punishing workers who demand their right to a healthy and safe workplace. If you believe that your employer has disciplined or otherwise punished you because you tried to enforce your rights, call [email protected] Government agencies have the power to order that you be rehired or otherwise reinstated if you have been punished for asserting your right to a healthy and safe workplace.

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