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The Law Foundation of Ontario sponsors [email protected]

Partnership to focus on public legal education, awareness and empowerment

The Law Foundation of Ontario has sponsored a [email protected] lawyer for two-years. This partnership is a critical step to building a program to educate low-income workers about their legal rights; the steps they may take to enforce their rights on their own; and the availability of summary advice, brief legal service and representation. [email protected] works to move service providers, worker advocates and low-income employees to a shared understanding of the need and means by which workers may assert their legal rights at work.

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Ontario Bar Association–Wrongful Dismissal Taskforce

How well does the law serve workers?

How well do you think the law serves terminated workers? As part of a taskforce struck by the Ontario Bar Association (the professional association of lawyers in Ontario), [email protected] is participating in a consultation on ways to improve how wrongful dismissal court cases are handled in Ontario. This taskforce was established in response to challenge issued to the Labour & Employment Law Section of the legal profession by Ontario's top judge, Chief Justice Warren Winkler. It will make recommendations on how to improve access to justice for wrongfully dismissed workers.

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Migrant Worker Project

Providing legal services, facing Canada's shame

Some of the most linguistically and vulnerable workers in Canada are being denied the same legal rights and protections enjoyed by every other worker in Canada. This shocking reality faced every day by foreign workers employed on Canadian farms as part of the Government sponsored Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP). [email protected] has launched a program to provide legal services to those foreign nationals who are enticed to our country each year in order to provide cheap and potentially exploitable labour to agricultural enterprises who cannot find workers in the Canadian labour market.

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[email protected] now at work!

New free legal service serves Ontario's low-income workers

The Community Legal Clinic-Simcoe, Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes launches [email protected] a new employment law practice group serving low-income workers across Ontario for free. [email protected] is now accepting clients who have been wrongfully dismissed, constructively dismissed, unfairly denied termination pay, exposed to a job-related health or safety hazard, or been the victim of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. The program uses lawyers and community legal workers to provide public legal education, self-help materials, legal advice, brief service and representation before courts and tribunals. The program accepts clients from anywhere in the province.

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