[email protected] provides three levels of free legal service to workers: (1) summary advice, (2) brief legal service, and (3) representation. We provide free legal advice and some brief services for all workers and full representation to those that qualify on the basis of income or disadvantage.

[email protected] practice areas
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Human rights
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Vulnerable worker organization and education -- youth, migrant workers, women and contingent workers (part-time, contract, temp agency, etc)
  • Employment Standards Act violations
  • Workplace health and safety
Summary Advice service
  • a legal opinion on specific employment issues;
  • general legal information on worker rights;
  • advice on steps workers can take to enforce or protect rights; and
  • self-help and information materials on employment law.
Brief legal services
  • demand letters to employers for payment of termination pay to fired employees;
  • assistance in drafting Small Claims Court claims; and
  • assistance in drafting Ontario Human Rights complaints
Representation service
  • Case preparation and advocacy on behalf of workers with employment related claims before judicial and administrative decision makers:
    • Small Claims Court
    • Divisional Court
    • Superior Court of Justice
    • Ontario Court of Appeal
    • Ontario Human Rights Commission and Tribunal
    • Ontario Labour Relations Board
    • Board of Referees (Employment Insurance Appeals)
Financial eligibility for [email protected] services

[email protected] provides free legal advice to all workers as well as some brief legal service. Our full legal representation service is also free, but is only available to clients who qualify on the basis of their middle or low-income and/or disadvantage.

In order to fulfill our commitment to serving low income workers who could not otherwise afford a lawyer, we require clients to meet our financial eligibility criteria for full representation services.

Income is calculated as of the day the application is made for legal services. An unemployed worker with no savings, no Employment Insurance benefits and no spousal income is considered to have an income of $0.

Eligibility is assessed based on three principles:

  1. Our service assists workers who cannot afford a lawyer.
  2. An income and asset declaration must be completed by every applicant for our service, but [email protected] reserves the right to assess whether or not a worker qualifies for free legal assistance by considering the circumstances surrounding the worker's situation and application.
  3. When a worker is terminated or facing termination, he or she is in an inherently vulnerable financial situation, which can quickly lead to poverty. For this reason many workers who do not qualify under our income and assets guidelines are still approved for free legal assistance because of their loss or potential loss of employment.