Job standards

Employment Standards Act

Workers have a right to a minimum wage, overtime pay, vacation time and pay, maternity and paternity leave, emergency leave and family medical leave. These rights are set out in laws, such as the Employment Standards Act and the Canada Labour Code and must be respected by the employer.

Higher standards (never lower ones) may even be written into a contract between the worker and the employer. If you are pregnant, sick or ill, have a family member who is sick or ill or are owed pay or wages for vacation time or overtime, you have legal rights that your boss must respect.

Click the links below for a more information on the different standards you should expect your employer to respect.

Workers cannot be punished for asking the employer to respect these rights. If you have been intimidated, fired, suspended, punished or threatened because you asked, discussed or attempted to insist on your rights, contact a lawyer from [email protected]

A violation of your rights can form the basis for making a claim for compensation in court or a complaint to the Ministry of Labour (you cannot do both). Be aware that there are time restrictions for beginning a court case and for filing a complaint. Employees with employment standards complaints should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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